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You must pass the Knowledge Test (Written Exam) before you are eligible to take the Skills Test (Driving Exam.)

We will only schedule the Skills Test if you have passed the Knowledge Test.

What to study

All the questions within the test have their answer directly stated in the WA State Driver Guide book. Avoid online "practice tests," as they've caused many applicants to fail. The online tests are very inaccurate compared to the actual Knowledge Exam.

To view or download the WA State Driver Guide, click below.


All testing is done by appointment only! Please call or visit to set up an appointment.

The cost is $35 per attempt at the Knowledge Test. We have the test available in Spanish as well.

Please note that we will not be able to get you in for the Skills Test on the same day as your Knowledge Test.

Knowledge Test: What do I need?

Everybody who tests needs to have at a bare-minimum some form of Photo ID and a WA State DLN number (Or ID only if it is a WA State ID.)  You are required to present ID every time you test.

The DOL keeps track of your scores and driving record. Without a DLN number, it is LITERALLY impossible for us to enter in your scores or verify your identity.

Need to apply for a DLN number online? Click below!

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